Why Silo

Revolutionizing Staking in the Sei Ecosystem

Liquid Staking Redefined: Forget the 21-day unbonding period. Silo offers immediate liquidity for your staked tokens. Stake, trade, and use them as collateral, all while they grow in value.

Optimized Returns, Zero Hassle: Your tokens auto-compound daily, ensuring your tokens work harder and smarter. Choose between a traditional 21-day return to original tokens or a swift swap via AMM with minimal markup.

Secure, Efficient Staking: Deposit Sei, receive iSEI. Through Silo, you can stake your assets with trusted Validators, optimizing rewards by converting and restaking all earnings into iSEI.

iSEI: Your SEI Passport: iSEI is more than a receipt – it's a token of trust, representing your deposit and auto-compounded rewards, accessible when you need them.

Embrace the next level of staking with Silo – where flexibility, security, and growth go hand in hand.

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