How to stake with Silo

This is a step by step walkthrough of how to stake your SEI and mint iSEI via the Silo frontend. If you have any questions, send a message in the discord help channel and we'll do our best to help!

Navigate to and click "Stake now" button in the top right

Connect wallet

First, you'll need to click "Connect Wallet" in order to interact with the app.

Select your wallet

Click on the logo of your preferred wallet. Note, at time of launch, we will support Compass and Fin wallets. If you're using another wallet (such as Keplr), you'll need to switch over in order to interact with the Silo frontend.

Enter your password

Once you've selected your wallet, enter your password to unlock it.

Wallet is linked!

Congratulations! Your wallet is now linked and you should be able to see your balance in the Silo frontend. You should be able to see your abbreviated address in the top right if you succeeded in linking your wallet.

Enter amount

Now let's get to staking! Enter an amount or push the max button to how much you'll commit to liquid staking.


Push the big green "submit" button (congrats! 🎉 That's our favorite button too!)

Approve transaction

After clicking submit, you'll be taken to your wallet to approve the transaction in another tab. Click the approve button to approve the transaction and proceed with minting iSEI. (Note, this wallet screenshot is from Compass wallet - it may look different depending on your browser and your choice of wallet).


That's it! If all goes well, in the bottom right hand corner of the Silo frontend you'll see a confirmation message linking you to SeiScan to see the transaction.

I've staked my SEI, what now?

Get to the fields and watch those crops grow! Give us a shoutout on twitter at @silo_stake so we can show some love to our favorite new farmer.

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