Enhanced APY: Experience higher returns, thanks to a daily auto-compounding feature.

Ensured Liquidity: Freely use your iSEI for transactions, swaps, and collateral; even while your SEI yield accumulates. Instantly access your underlying staked SEI via DEXs without the usual unbonding wait*

Seamless Integration with Sei ecosystem: Your tokens remain functional across dApps for collateralization, lending, and liquidity provisioning.

Time-Saving: Forget daily auto-compounding worries. Silo manages it for you, ensuring continuous growth regardless of your activities or time zone.

Diligent Monitoring: Whitelisted validators are rigorously monitored for governance, infrastructure reliability, and community engagement. This guarantees authentic network decentralization and security.

Additional Notes:

  • Zero deposit and withdrawal fees.

  • A 5% fee for the Protocol Treasury is applied to sustain the protocol team activities.

  • Voting in Governance not yet available.

  • Be aware of smart contract risks.

  • *subject to liquidity, a small premium is expected due to one-directional demand on AMM pools

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